Move Through Your Deepest Pain Into New Possibilities.

Where outsiders might see a coach… Those who work with Carolyn know she’s much, much more.

Carolyn has personally coached 1000’s of rockstars through her one-on-one and group coaching programs. Her meditations, events and online courses have touched and helped thousands people heal their past wounds.

This is what happens when you
work with Carolyn Rim

“After joining Carolyn’s Inner Circle, my life changed in two weeks. Through Carolyn’s program I’ve become a top network marketer in the country making more money each month than I used to make in a year, I’m marrying my soulmate (who I met in the Inner Circle), I’m in a new house, new car, I’m a better mother, and I’m the happiest and most successful I’ve ever been!”
– Sara W.

“30 years of healing in 3 days is an understatement of what I experienced working with Carolyn!”

– Cherice K.

“Carolyn’s work has helped me break down barriers
and fears that were not only keeping the world out, but keeping
me locked inside those fears. Words can’t do justice
working with Carolyn!”

– Rad

Ready to Crack Your
Soul Wide Open?

My Inner Circle is for souls who are ready to start seeing the world through new eyes. People who are ready to stop being victims of history and start being Master of their destiny. Miracles happen in the Inner Circle because we help you process years worth of bound stored energy. Thirty years plus of healing is an understatement of what happens in the Inner Circle healing sessions.
This is your chance to take a spiritual approach to pain, trauma, and fear and finally play full out with the support of some of the world’s most sought-after healers and 160+ other souls from around the world.

Join the 7-Day
Heal To Manifest Challenge

The 7 day Heal to Manifest Challenge is all about healing your lineage. Seven of the most Life changing POWERFUL MEDITATIONS I HAVE EVER DONE OR EXPERIENCED are in this challenge.

The reason people can’t get “unstuck” is because they keep repeating the same lesson over and over again… Sound familiar?

If so, my 7-Day Heal to Manifest Challenge is for you. It was never meant to be a life sentence, it was a lesson.

Let me show you how to connect with yourself with the most HEALING ENERGY WORK ON THE PLANET. I have worked with the top healers around the world and the energy work I am sharing with you has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the Heal To Manifest Challenge is under $97!

Do something your future self will thank you for and SAY YES!

Unleash Your Soul at Our Soul Liberation Event

That energy that you feel serving you anymore? That is the key to you going to the next level. That which we do not want to feel is the doorway to our healing. That feeling that you’re not good enough, can’t succeed, won’t find your purpose? I can help you connect with them and process the bound energy within you.
It doesn’t stand a chance against an intensive weekend of live coaching and energy healing with me and my husband Dr. Jason Ozuna along with other rockstar souls from around the globe. Soul Liberation is an intimate experience with only 20 people per event.
You’ll experience a radical release of energy blocks and ignite profound change in your life to start manifesting effortlessly . Once you learn to process this energy, your life will never be the same.
“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
– Wayne Dyer

About Carolyn

Unicorn, Rockstar, Energy Healer, and Sought After Life Coach

Carolyn Rim is energy work personified. Where outsiders might see a coach, those who work with Carolyn Rim get that she’s much, much more.

She is a powerful energy healer with a passion for moving people through their deepest pains and into new possibilities. She has an intuitive ability to locate, isolate and move through the pain holding her clients back from the life of their dreams and experiencing the energy and peace they deserve.

She’s worked and trained with top healers from all over the world, such as Joseph McClendon, John Amaral, Master Co, Donny Epstein, and of course…

Her husband, soulmate, and gifted healer, Jason Ozuna.

Carolyn Rim can see through the blindness and wounds that come up and see straight through to the soul. She helps you cut through all the BS limiting beliefs so you can finally create the life of your dreams.

She has helped thousands of people around the world create massive transformation in their life. From meeting soulmates, to manifesting and creating that dream business… whatever it is your seeking only come to this woman if you are ready for life changing results!

Carolyn Rims company, Spark Your Rockstar, has saved 20 children from human sex trafficking, fed 300 families in Philadelphia that couldn’t have a holiday meal.

Each time you do business with Spark Your Rockstar we contribute to small things which goes about healing and helping the world.

​What People Are Saying...

“I released so much energy around forgiveness and emotions that’s been stored in my body for the past 40+ years.” Shashi
“In a few days, I experienced the healing of something I have been carrying around for 30+ years.” - Kia P.
“Feel a lifetime lighter! So incredible!” Brian 
“I am currently the healthiest and happiest I have ever been in in my life!” 

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